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Portland People Are White & Cannot Love Themselves Because of This; They Feel Immense Pain; Their Hatred of Self-Whiteness Chafes Their Soul WHITE WHITE WHITE WHITE WHITE WHITE

November 25, 2009 by MC | Filed under Stuff.

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“Portland will grow less white and more diverse — just more slowly than the rest of the country…”


“I’m writing this from a relatively new coffee shop in NE Portland on the corner of Shaver and Mississippi, which was in the recent past the core of Portland’s black neighborhood. This area, plus the Alberta District and now St. Johns are also going through gentrification. New businesses, remodeled storefronts and homes, are sprouting up – all with mostly white money or loans to white people trying to get an edge in a growing market.”

“The people riding and making decisions about bicycles is a white, middle class group.”

“One thing I really would have to think about is about raising children of color here in Portland. It’s the whitest town in America & many a day I question why I’m here because it sucks to be so surrounded by people who don’t look like me and can barely understand anything about being a racial minority. It’s a town filled with semi-well meaning folks who think because they vote democratic they’re down with POC and that just isn’t the case.”

“I’m vegetarian, and it’s convenient to live with other vegetarians, but I don’t actually know how important it is to me. I’d like this bunch of people to have a reasonable gender balance and reasonable queer/straight balance. I feel like racial diversity is the elephant in the room with respect to that last sentence, but, well, from what I’ve seen Portland is way too white of a city to make that desire reasonable.”

“I am used [to]living in and enjoying the racial diversity of the Bay Area, California. My husband and I are an inter-racial couple, who, before this weekend were looking to move to Portland, OR. When I got there, I was overwhelmed by the wonderful parallel of the West side to my beautiful San Francisco. Trees lines the streets and it was like nowhere else I had been. The urban life hugged trees and clean air-brilliant. However, it was not until the real estate agent drove us around the North East Side that I was completely heartbroken. I saw atleast four windows with confederate flags and a few Bush/Cheney signs nailed to some desperate lawns.”


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Written by MC

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2 Responses to “Portland People Are White & Cannot Love Themselves Because of This; They Feel Immense Pain; Their Hatred of Self-Whiteness Chafes Their Soul WHITE WHITE WHITE WHITE WHITE WHITE”

  1. I bring indusputable facts says:

    Seattle is a lot like Portland.

    From the article “List of 2008 homicides in Seattle” from the Seattle PI

    selected from the list of the 28 Seattle homicides in 2008….

    Allen Joplin, Jan. 4 — black killed by black

    De’Che Morrison, Jan. 10 — black killed by black

    Maurice “Moe” Allen Jr., Jan. 26 — black killed by black

    Degene Barecha, Jan. 30 — black killed by black

    Perry Henderson, Feb. 6 — black killed by black

    Stephan Dwaine Stewart, April 2 — black killed by black

    Eldora Earlycutt, July 4 — black killed by black

    James Paroline, July 10 — white killed by black

    Troy Peters, July 22 — black killed by black

    Pierre Lapoint, Aug. 5 — black killed by black

    Jane Kariuki, Oct. 16 — woman of unknown race killed by black man named Christel D. Murphy

    Quincy S. Coleman, Oct. 31 — black killed by black

    Edward McMichael, the “Tuba Man”, Nov. 3 — white killed by multiple blacks

    Nathaniel Lee Thomas, Nov. 23 — black killed by black

    So by my count blacks (8% of Seattle) were the killers in at least half (that’s at least 50%) of the murders in the Seattle area in 2008. At least five of the other murderers were latinos.

    Now let’s take a look at 2009!

    The link above is to the Seattle PI’s article on homicides in Seattle in 2009.

    By my count at least twelve of the 21 murders in Seattle in 2009 were committed by blacks, only 8% of Seattle.

    Of the 27 officers that were shot and killed by criminals in the last 20 years in King and Pierce county, 21 of them were shot by black men, even though black men make up less than 3% of the population.

    In light of the indisputable facts above, does anyone still think it is a good idea to bring more blacks to live in Portland???????

  2. Iced Borscht says:

    I have no problem with people of any race choosing Portland as a place to live. I welcome them with open arms. My neighborhood, after all, is already comprised of numerous races and ethnicities (Portland liberals will not move here, however, because my ‘hood is located in East Multnomah County, where there is limited access to private screenings of Gus van Sant films.)

    I find it infinitely funny and retarded that white Portland liberals think that — if a displaced community of black folks relocated to Portland — that these displaced folks would have any interest whatsoever in Portlanders’ mass-transportation, mediocre indie rock and alternative weekly fetishes.

    That love connection just ain’t gonna happen, and if it results in a few Yo La Tango albums being violently smashed over the heads of various local music writers, I say so much the better.

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