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May 3, 2012 by MC | Filed under Stuff.
Hugo Gernsback
  • Katy Grimes: “A hearing at the [California] Capitol Monday proved once again that high-speed rail officials live in a bubble and are far too comfortable in their roles spending billions of dollars of other people’s money…However, despite all of the brown-nosing and friendly bureaucratic talk at the hearing, High-Speed Rail Authority Chairman Dan Richard and board member Mike Rossi still came off as arrogant as ever, and were characteristically dismissive of the important lingering questions and challenges. The plan is still going to cost taxpayers nearly $100 billion, and at least $1 billion every year thereafter to operate. Voters who approved the system through Proposition 1A in 2008 didn’t bargain for a $100 billion train system, or such high operating costs, and are asking where the money will come from.”
  • Matt Novak: “In 1922, eccentric magazine publisher Hugo Gernsback decided that the world needed a 1,000-foot tall concrete monument to electricity. Gernsback imagined that this monument might last for thousands of years, and rather than some static behemoth stuck in time, the interior of his monument would be constantly changed to reflect the technological advances of each new generation.”
  • Ricky Sprague: “…when [Tony Star/Iron Man] was trapped in Vietnam or the Middle East (depending on which origin story/reboot you’re reading or watching) he built himself a MOTHERFUCKING SUIT OF FUCKING ARMOR right under the noses of his captors, and then broke out of there, killed all of their balls, then decided to use his supersuit to, oh, I don’t know, just FIGHT A LITTLE CRIME FOR AWHILE.”

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