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A Borscht-In 2012

November 21, 2012 by MC | Filed under A Borscht-In 2012.

I’m hosting guest-blogger month in December here once again.

Friends of this esteemed blog are cordially invited to contribute as many pieces as they’d like from December 1-31st.

I can’t afford to pay anyone, but I have occasional high-traffic moments here and it’s usually kind of fun to do this (I skipped last year because I was busy moving).

All contributors retain creative control/copyright/ownership of their stuff, and if you have an avatar photo you’d like me to use, go ahead and send it along with a two or three sentence bio.

There are no rules and I won’t edit pieces or mess with anyone’s grammar unless you request it. Topics are wide open — year-end ‘best’ lists, 2012 apocalypse stories, books, travel, sex, comedy, travel, politics (left, right, middle) etc are all welcome. Pseudonyms are fine and so are real names. It’s up to everyone and their personal preference.

Please email me if you want in. (mike @ this domain name).

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2 Responses to “A Borscht-In 2012”

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  2. […] Guest-blogger month is in full bloom here. […]

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