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CLEANING OUT THE LINK CAGE: September 26, 2009

  • Cracked.com provides “Six Bullshit Facts About Psychology That Everyone Believes.” How Cracked.com is an authority, I’m not sure, but it’s worth a read.
  • A pile of interesting Soviet-era magazine covers. Via Siberian Light.
  • soviet_life1

  • Listen to Carl Sagan sing; I implore you. This is incredible.
  • Hey! Guess which heartless bastards are sabotaging nationalized health care, preventing sickly Americans from receiving the care they deserve? If you said teabaggers and Republicans, you’d be wrong, jerko! Point your finger at our omnibenevolent brothers and sisters in the Democratic party, G. In particular, you should be livid with such altruistic souls as Ron Wyden, Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry. All of them are bogging this bitch down, do-gooders.
  • Who cares if Alan Turing cracked the German enigma code and won World War II?? He invented the Homo Devil Machine called The Computer!!!!! DESTROY IT!!!!.
  • Phil Plait points us in the direction of a stunning photo of Saturn
  • Joshua Keating describes the “Top 10 Craziest Things Ever Said During a UN Speech.”
  • The excellent site Atlas Obscura gives a shout-out to Dr. Evermore’s Forevertron junk-sculpture park in Baraboo, Wisconsin.
  • Environmental Graffiti spotlights the “18 Creepiest Landscapes on Earth.” Among them are Iceland’s Námaskarð pass, a.k.a. the Gateway to Hell; the strange egg rocks of New Mexico’s Bisti Badlands; and the desert surrounding Laguna Colorada in Bolivia.
  • gatewayhelliceland

  • Christopher Hitchens bids farewell to Irving Kristol in a fascinating read. Says Hitch:

    …Kristol appears to have been contradictory between an abstruse, elite intellectual and the popular will: If I understood him correctly, he believed that religion was a useful tool for making people behave well, quite independent of whether it was true or not. If that should turn out to have been a paradox with a dry hint of cynicism, he very probably derived relish from it.

  • Jack Shafer sends Andrew Breitbart some much-deserved accolades for his ACORN exposé.
  • Richard Dawkins is coming to town. I’ll see you there, perhaps. Not sure if I’ll marshal the courage to ask him why it’s OK for Bill Maher to receive an award best reserved for genuine scientists, skeptics and critical thinkers.
  • Speaking of the braying jackass Maher, David Gorski at Science-Based Medicine has a fantastic, exhaustive piece explaining why all of us should be wary of anything that comes out of Maher’s snout (please forward the piece to any friends or loved ones who view Maher as a voice of “reason”):

    Thanks to an anti-religion movie (Religulous) and his frequent stance as a “skeptic,” many of my fellow skeptics consider him one of our own, even to the point of giving him an award named after Richard Dawkins. Yet, when it comes to medicine, nothing could be further from the truth. Maher’s own words show that he has anti-vaccine views, flirts with germ theory denialism and HIV/AIDS denialism, buys into extreme conspiracy theories about big pharma, and promotes animal rights pseudoscience. That’s not a skeptic or a supporter of science-based medicine.

  • The Russian military is giving soldiers candy instead of cigarettes. MosNews brings this stunner to light:

    Russian Deputy Defense Minister Colonel General Dmitry Bulgakov has announced that the Defense Ministry will no longer purchase cigarettes for soldiers, Russian website Gazeta.ru reports.

    “There are no cigarettes in our new military allowance. We have replaced cigarettes for the army with caramel candies and sugar. However, we can’t prohibit smoking completely. If a soldier wants to smoke, he will have to buy cigarettes with his own money at a store during his period of leave,” Bulgakov said.

  • It’s just another great day at Crappy Taxidermy, possibly the finest Web site in recorded human history.
  • taxidermized_mice

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