Bringing Home the Freshest Kill

Recently I watched Sexy Beast for the zillionth time and got to thinking:

Creepy Rabbit People are effective tropes.

I won’t speculate as to what the Creepy Rabbit Man in Sexy Beast (seen above) represents, although I have my suspicions.

Donnie Darko brought Creepy Rabbit People into focus for a lot of people, and although I was largely indifferent to that film, I appreciated its contribution to the anthropomorphic rabbit trope.

David Lynch used Creepy Rabbit People in a 2002 film and later in Inland Empire.

This blog post celebrates some creepy rabbits of cinema.

Of equal interest is the Down the Rabbit Hole meme in movies and TV. Writes TV Tropes:

The symbolism involved is typically suggestive of the birth canal (i.e. the “womb of the earth” metaphor). Several of the genre’s defining works then continue to put their protagonists back underground on the fantasy side. The presence of so many long, narrow tunnels in what are usually coming of age stories may therefore leave you wondering if Freud Was Right.

Sexy Beast‘s effective end sequence features a nightmarish descent down a rabbit hole.

Rabbit-hole themes persist even in non-fiction. In the book The Men Who Stare at Goats, former Gitmo prisoner Jamal Al-Harith describes the strange horrors of indefinite detention, telling author Jon Ronson, “You don’t know how deep the rabbit hole goes, do you? But you know it is deep. You know it is deep.”

More Rabbitry

Angora rabbits were reportedly big among French royalty.

Here in Oregon, we have a Bunny Lady. Also in Oregon: Harvey the Giant Rabbit.

My home state is shaped like a rabbit.

Of Mice and Men‘s Lennie yearns to tend rabbits.

Can women give birth to rabbits?

Possible head-injury victim David Icke enjoys the rabbit-hole meme.

Sweden turns rabbits into biofuels.

The jackalope is a great mythical creature with rabbit traits. A lesser known one is Bavaria’s poontinger, seen below:

And Flickr is littered with images of strange rabbits.

Who? Me?

Remnants of the Legendary Bunny Golf

Bunny Helmet

Face of the Beast

Happy Easter from Creepy Red Rabbit


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