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Probably the fave song from my playlist over the last eight or nine months.

Wasn’t it a little strange, the motion of going

I was hiding in a dust chord when the light started showing

While you were searching for seasons and finding your high

I was probably in the grooviest years of my life


I fell asleep in winter, I was tired of your fire

But you were standing on a staircase, it was all I required

I turned you on to the feeling of changing inside

And the strangest vibrations in my mind

Wasn’t it a little strange

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I’m growing a beard for 2013. I hope it goes well.

2012 was a nice year. One thing I really liked about it was the contribution of guest-bloggers to this site.

All 2012 guest-bloggers are depicted below. Please give them a round of enthusiastic applause because they are awesome people who do the Really Good Thing and rule.

In fact, I like them so much that I invite ’em  to blog here permanently and at their leisure,  if they so desire.

Thanks much, guys…



Daniel Kalder



Matt Duvall



Ricky Sprague



Scott Stein



Ruth Waytz

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Lodowicke Muggleton, by William Wood (floruit ...

Soul-Brother No. 1, Lodowick Muggleton

  • Daniel Kalder:  2012, The Apocalypse, and My Five Favorite Prophets — “Lodowick Muggleton (1609- 1698) was an English tailor who in 1651 discovered that he was one of the two Witnesses mentioned in Revelation 11. Muggleton revealed that God was a man between five and six foot tall and that there was no point in praying. His followers met in pubs, didn’t seek converts, and spent three centuries waiting for a Last Judgment that never came.”
  • Jim Goad:  Our Balls, Ourselves: “Brothers, gents, countrymen, and assorted randy lads and bucks galloping like centaurs through fields of feminine flowers and wantonly squirting their seed the world over, I regret to inform you that the worm has turned on the world’s sperm. Our gonads face a crisis of historic proportions. A Spermocaust is unfolding a mere three feet beneath our very eyes.”
  • Joel Kotkin: Aging America — Cities That Are Aging the Fastest: “…metropolitan areas widely celebrated as magnets for the young and hip are also aging rapidly. For example, while Portland remains younger than average, it rose from 36th oldest in 2000 to 29th oldest in 2010. Even Seattle got older, rising from 39th place in 2000 to 34th in 2010.”‘
  • Rosie Gray on Ron Paul’s farewell speech: “Paul spoke for nearly 45 minutes, slamming the political establishment, the TSA, the federal government, Internet regulations, police searches, and, of course, the Federal Reserve. The speech seemed at times to be one long complaint about the dearth of libertarian ideas in Congress. ‘Our liberties have been eroded, our wealth has been consumed,’ Paul said. He blasted ‘psychopathic authoritarians’ who ‘endorse government-initiated force to change the world.'”
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A Borscht-In 2012

I’m hosting guest-blogger month in December here once again.

Friends of this esteemed blog are cordially invited to contribute as many pieces as they’d like from December 1-31st.

I can’t afford to pay anyone, but I have occasional high-traffic moments here and it’s usually kind of fun to do this (I skipped last year because I was busy moving).

All contributors retain creative control/copyright/ownership of their stuff, and if you have an avatar photo you’d like me to use, go ahead and send it along with a two or three sentence bio.

There are no rules and I won’t edit pieces or mess with anyone’s grammar unless you request it. Topics are wide open — year-end ‘best’ lists, 2012 apocalypse stories, books, travel, sex, comedy, travel, politics (left, right, middle) etc are all welcome. Pseudonyms are fine and so are real names. It’s up to everyone and their personal preference.

Please email me if you want in. (mike @ this domain name).

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There’s nothing terribly surprising about this video, but it underscores how little thought certain (most?) voters put into the election process.

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Shift has the details at Street Carnage.

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From down on the Willamette River last night. More photos available here.

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  • Daniel Kalder: “Right now it seems as if the leadership of the entire planet is coming up for election. At least that’s the impression I get from the news: there are changes of leadership everywhere, or at least in those places where the population is allowed to have a say in such matters. But when I look at the results, I can’t help thinking that the people coming into power are completely incapable of meeting the challenges of our times.”
  • Fred Guteri: “NASA climate scientist James Hanson has warned of a ‘Venus effect,’ in which runaway warming turns Earth into an uninhabitable desert, with a surface temperature high enough to melt lead, sometime in the next few centuries.”
  • Jim Romenesko: “Elmore Leonard liked Detroit Free Press reporter Tammy Battaglia’s piece about a roofer saved from electrocution, so he wrote her a nice letter. ‘I read your story the other day about the roofer narrowly dodging death and admire the way you wrote it,’ the crime novelist told the journalist. ‘What I admire the most is the sound of your writing, your effortless style.'”
  • More Kalder: “I would therefore like to make a modest proposal, a test for those lacking documentation of their tribal lineage but who would nevertheless like to advance their academic or political careers by claiming to be a Native American. Can you rope a steer while on horseback and then cut out and eat its liver, like Herman [Lehmann]? Elizabeth Warren, are you ready?”

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