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These gems comprised a good portion of my heavy rotation playlist in 2013. (In no particular order, though presented alphabetically here).

I also really liked the new Neko Case album.

And according to scientists somewhere, here are the 10 most relaxing songs from a study commissioned by a bubble bath and shower-gel outfit called Radox Spa.

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  • Jump,” Legion of Rock Stars
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Somewhere on a veranda overlooking the cosmos, multiple parallel realities converge, and the following individuals enjoy a breakfast confab together:

Should gun-play break out, all parties will be armed with Walther PPKs (i.e., James Bond‘s gun).

This is the “What If?” of Uatu‘s wet dreams.

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TV shows.

With the exception of Seinfeld and Twin Peaks — where I was an early adopter — I’m usually late to the party. With Breaking Bad, I’m really late. I only started watching it a few nights ago.

But I’m really liking what I’ve seen so far.

Breaking Bad Restaurant

The series’ use of 35 MM film does a good job of capturing the oddities and uniqueness of Albuquerque, which remains the strangest city in which I’ve ever lived. (For a stellar analysis of that town, check out Albuquerque: A City at the End of the World by V.B. Price.)

Also: I had no idea Bryan Cranston possessed such range as an actor. I’m familiar with him from Seinfeld and Malcom in the Middle — so I knew that he had comedic chops — but I didn’t realize his skill set went way way beyond situation comedies.

So I’m pretty hooked. And apparently I have very little time to get caught up on plot points and character development because the series finale is in August.


Breaking Bad Winnebago

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