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Big Rob

Tremendous photo of Rob Ford from the Internet

  • Daniel Kalder on the bizarre spectacle of kids’ MMA: “…there’s a difference between playground wars and kids’ MMA, namely that the teachers at my school did not run out and join us in our fight circle to cheer on the violence. Instead, like the responsible adults they were, they broke up the battles. But at MMA events, the parents sit in the audience celebrating the beatings. And that seems a bit odd.”
  • Jim Goadafter a colonoscopy the other day in which he received the anesthetic Propofol: “They shot me up with a creamy syringe of the sweet nectar again this morning. As the nurse pressed the plunger, she told me I’d be unconscious in 3-5 seconds. I vowed to stay awake longer than that, but I was out before the plunger hit bottom. I awoke to be informed that my colon is as slick and blemish-free as an Olympic luge track, whereupon I hugged the nurse. I never hug anyone.”

Jim Henson Memorial

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Shipwreck Beach

Shipwreck Beach (Photo credit: Danielle Bauer)

  • The last article journalist Michael Hastings wrote before dying in a car crash
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via my aggregate of found Tumblr images

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  • Andrew Kirell — No, The Actual Libertarian Movement Didn’t ‘Go Nuts’ — It’s Just The One Inside Bill Maher’s Head: “[Libertarians] do have our share of thoughtful radicals, but the majority of [us] are generally pragmatic when it comes to policy. For instance, many of us believe pollution controls are necessary in situations where the market cannot effectively produce the best outcome. Either way, painting libertarians as dark-hearted souls wanting to revert mankind into some Thunderdome-like anarchic existence is just as silly as saying liberals’ ultimate goal is a barren wasteland full of Stalin-esque labor camps and thought police.”
  • J.D. TuccilleWhy I’m Teaching My Son to Break the Law: “Personally, I would say that I love liberty more than any other value, and I don’t give a damn if my neighbors or the state disagree. I will be free, and I’m willing to help others be free, if they want my assistance. Screw any laws to the contrary.”
  • Jim GoadLanguage as an Assault Weapon: “A huge quotient of the seemingly endless cultural and ideological wars hinges on how terms are defined. Those who claim authority to declare what words mean are able to shape public thinking like a sculptor molds clay. Although facts — which are what news organizations are supposed to peddle — seem immutable, words are forever in flux. Both ‘liberal’ and ‘progressive’ now mean almost the opposite of what they did a century ago.”

English: Bunker Hill in downtown Los Angeles a...



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English: Antarctica: orthographic projection; ...

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Lodowicke Muggleton, by William Wood (floruit ...

Soul-Brother No. 1, Lodowick Muggleton

  • Daniel Kalder:  2012, The Apocalypse, and My Five Favorite Prophets — “Lodowick Muggleton (1609- 1698) was an English tailor who in 1651 discovered that he was one of the two Witnesses mentioned in Revelation 11. Muggleton revealed that God was a man between five and six foot tall and that there was no point in praying. His followers met in pubs, didn’t seek converts, and spent three centuries waiting for a Last Judgment that never came.”
  • Jim Goad:  Our Balls, Ourselves: “Brothers, gents, countrymen, and assorted randy lads and bucks galloping like centaurs through fields of feminine flowers and wantonly squirting their seed the world over, I regret to inform you that the worm has turned on the world’s sperm. Our gonads face a crisis of historic proportions. A Spermocaust is unfolding a mere three feet beneath our very eyes.”
  • Joel Kotkin: Aging America — Cities That Are Aging the Fastest: “…metropolitan areas widely celebrated as magnets for the young and hip are also aging rapidly. For example, while Portland remains younger than average, it rose from 36th oldest in 2000 to 29th oldest in 2010. Even Seattle got older, rising from 39th place in 2000 to 34th in 2010.”‘
  • Rosie Gray on Ron Paul’s farewell speech: “Paul spoke for nearly 45 minutes, slamming the political establishment, the TSA, the federal government, Internet regulations, police searches, and, of course, the Federal Reserve. The speech seemed at times to be one long complaint about the dearth of libertarian ideas in Congress. ‘Our liberties have been eroded, our wealth has been consumed,’ Paul said. He blasted ‘psychopathic authoritarians’ who ‘endorse government-initiated force to change the world.'”
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Hugo Gernsback
  • Katy Grimes: “A hearing at the [California] Capitol Monday proved once again that high-speed rail officials live in a bubble and are far too comfortable in their roles spending billions of dollars of other people’s money…However, despite all of the brown-nosing and friendly bureaucratic talk at the hearing, High-Speed Rail Authority Chairman Dan Richard and board member Mike Rossi still came off as arrogant as ever, and were characteristically dismissive of the important lingering questions and challenges. The plan is still going to cost taxpayers nearly $100 billion, and at least $1 billion every year thereafter to operate. Voters who approved the system through Proposition 1A in 2008 didn’t bargain for a $100 billion train system, or such high operating costs, and are asking where the money will come from.”
  • Matt Novak: “In 1922, eccentric magazine publisher Hugo Gernsback decided that the world needed a 1,000-foot tall concrete monument to electricity. Gernsback imagined that this monument might last for thousands of years, and rather than some static behemoth stuck in time, the interior of his monument would be constantly changed to reflect the technological advances of each new generation.”
  • Ricky Sprague: “…when [Tony Star/Iron Man] was trapped in Vietnam or the Middle East (depending on which origin story/reboot you’re reading or watching) he built himself a MOTHERFUCKING SUIT OF FUCKING ARMOR right under the noses of his captors, and then broke out of there, killed all of their balls, then decided to use his supersuit to, oh, I don’t know, just FIGHT A LITTLE CRIME FOR AWHILE.”
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English: View of downtown Vancouver, Washingto...

“Ugly” cities are beautiful.

Omaha. Tacoma. Gary. Rockford. Green Bay. Boise. Cleveland. Detroit.

All — beautiful.

Many people think of these places as “armpits” or “hellholes.” Either aesthetically. Or culturally. Or both.

However, these same people are failing to realize the aesthetic genius in “Negative Space.”

And by Negative Space I mean…

—Places that force themselves on the landscape;
—Places where the snow gets dirty; and
—Places that hold a challenging aesthetic appeal.

I’ll elaborate.

Negative Space exists in:

—Places with vacant lots;
—Abandoned places, or, conversely, overcrowded places;
—Polluted places. Back alleys;
—Places choked in smog; and
—Wide open places.

To further belabor the point, Negative Space is home in:

—Isolated places, desolate places. Unforgiving places, unsympathetic places;
—Places that smell like gasoline, places that smell like oil. Places with grease, gunfire and burning tires; and
—Places that are too small, places that are too big.

And to really beat a dead horse, I’ll posit that Negative Space thrives in:

—Places where signs are broken, places where lights are out and places where car alarms blare;
—Places that are grey, ashen and overcast; and
—Places that are too cold….places that are too hot.

If you’ve been dumped by a loved one, a drunken binge in Beloit is just what the doctor ordered. Let everyone else have their scenic splendor. Their Eugenes, Olympias, Boulders and Missoulas. These are beautiful places in their own right, but they’re places that hold an easy beauty…an easy emotion.

Places that earn your affection — the ones that don’t overpower you with aesthetic grandeur — ultimately end up being the better friend. The friend with more depth, more layers, more complexity. The friend with more soul.


Let the comforting smog of SacTown caress your damaged psyche.

The Beiruit-ish looking ghettos of Milwaukee will be your shoulder to cry on.

Darkness on the edge of Omaha = your guiding light.

And that weedy, abandoned parking lot in Vancouver, Washington (the non-Canadian Vancouver, “the boring Vancouver”) can be your personal savior…

…if you would just let it.

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