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A White Belgian Chocolate Carrion Crow Skull.


Carrion Crow Chocolate Skull

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Al Goldstein passed away last week.

Here is a fantastic interview he did with David Allan Coe many moons ago.


Also: check out Jim Goad‘s remembrance of Al over at Street Carnage.

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I would aim for this tone and this approach, generally speaking

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Box o' Cats

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Sometimes the Pit Sends Something Back

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My dog is my favorite non-human animal on earth.

Whenever we arrive at the dog park, we are barbarians at the gates, restless to permeate the membranes of these verdant cocoons; eager to find tranquility and smoke it from its hole.

The dog is my fierce friend, my loyal companion. When I’m depressed, he energizes me with his playfulness. When I need to relax, he is a palm frond for my aching ass muscles.

Sometimes people try to “tame” the contrarian fires burning in my dog’s wolf-warrior soul. To slow this elegant engine of destruction from its march through neighbors’ backyards and their cat-litter boxes.

But, to paraphrase something the great Jim Goad once said, “Would you ask Usain Bolt not to sprint?

If someone ever tried to hurt my dog, the forecast would call for a torrent of fist-showers. My knuckles would rain hell on his assailant with the ferocity of a valkyrie carrying its freshest kill to Valhalla.

Cat owners, yours is no disgrace. I love cats too. I actually own one of them, with another on the way (I’m “cat-pregnant,” with an expected due date of Autumn 2013.)

But I admire the chaos and incivility that dogs bring to the table. Chaos sells, and my dog’s buying.

Fun tidbit: My ex-wife and I enjoy joint custody of the dog. When he’s not with me being awesome, he’s protecting her and my son from the city’s most ignoble scum.

He is the greatest canine I know.

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Lasse at Street Carnage has a fun post entitled “WOLVES, DOLPHINS, AND INJUNS: IN DEFENSE OF INDEFENSIBLE ART.”

A sample:

Sure, I like Mucha, Dix, Hiroshige, and a lot of other stuff, but I enjoy those works in a very simple way, and most art enthusiasts would probably consider me a Philistine should I ever speak loudly about the works of those artists.

Then there’s a different form of art I enjoy. You most definitely won’t find these artists in any gallery near you, at least not a respectable gallery. Even the so-called lowbrow artists look down on the art these guys make. Enthusiasts of kitsch and camp would never dare slumming this low. It’s a movement so underground, you probably haven’t heard of it. In fact, I don’t even think it has a name, at least not one I’m aware of.

So I’ll simply give it a name right now: Wolphinjun Art.

That’s an amalgamation of the names of three creatures in American wildlife that is often portrayed in these pictures: wolves, dolphins, and Injuns.

You may not know what the hell I’m talking about, but you’ve definitely seen Wolphinjun art somewhere. Probably on a cheap posters or on the T-shirt of a clueless hippie.

The motifs in these pictures are often dolphins, sea turtles, or wild stallions frolicking in a tropical landscape, apparently airbrushed with the most glaring colors the artist could find. Then there’s a slightly rougher sub-genre of Wolphinjun that has motifs of wolves, Injuns, or wolves with Injuns. Wolphinjun is the visual equivalent of really cheesy New Age music, something you’ll see if you ever search for New Age tunes on YouTube. Wolphinjun paintings go really well with the sound of a forest stream or whale song.

(Notice that I use the word “Injun,” as opposed to “Indian” or “Native-American.” That’s because the New Age view of Native-Americans and their culture that is portrayed on these pictures is so removed from any form of reality, they make James Cameron’s Avatar look like a brilliant documentary on the Sioux.)

Did someone say Avatar? Here’s my review of that remarkable film, btw:

What’s great is that Amazon has a warehouse full of Porpoise Fellating a Rainbow-type merch and totem animal apparel, for instance:


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