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Buzz Osborne


  • New Melvins cover album, available for streaming here (with King Buzzo commentary)
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The Fat Athlete Hall of Fame;

Roger Kimball: Bankrupting a country 1-2-3

When liberals aren’t shrill;

Michael Vick is a really nice guy;

The disease and filth in your stadium food;

Change and museums;

Liberals for Palin;

The Hemingway Look-Alike Contest;

Some awesomely weird places to sleep;

Do polluted skies contribute to suicide?

Son of Large Hadron Collider;

Non-stop Western themes

Frankie Laine sings “Jezebel” in a feast for the eyes and ears;

Ukrainian cows power biogas plant;

Wikipedia’s list of animal sounds;


The robots will kill us;

Free nature sounds;

The world’s 50 most commonly spoken languages;

How animals contribute to human evolution; and

On music and brain plasticity.

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