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Big Rob

Tremendous photo of Rob Ford from the Internet

  • Daniel Kalder on the bizarre spectacle of kids’ MMA: “…there’s a difference between playground wars and kids’ MMA, namely that the teachers at my school did not run out and join us in our fight circle to cheer on the violence. Instead, like the responsible adults they were, they broke up the battles. But at MMA events, the parents sit in the audience celebrating the beatings. And that seems a bit odd.”
  • Jim Goadafter a colonoscopy the other day in which he received the anesthetic Propofol: “They shot me up with a creamy syringe of the sweet nectar again this morning. As the nurse pressed the plunger, she told me I’d be unconscious in 3-5 seconds. I vowed to stay awake longer than that, but I was out before the plunger hit bottom. I awoke to be informed that my colon is as slick and blemish-free as an Olympic luge track, whereupon I hugged the nurse. I never hug anyone.”

Jim Henson Memorial

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New Orleans 9th Ward, 6 months after Katrina - 18

The Antiplanner has a good post addressing America’s not-so-pending economic collapse.

He writes:

…despite the arithmetic logic that says the U.S. government is a poor credit risk, people will continue to lend to us because we are the only place in the world with potential for near-unlimited economic growth. It may take decades; we may have to short-change baby boomers on promised social security; and it will only be delayed by expensive programs like Obamacare and inane projects like high-speed rail; but eventually we will pay off those debts and return to full economic health.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t fight those programs, but it does mean we shouldn’t panic or give up. Economic freedom will prevail, and we should use every tool of our political freedom to maintain that economic freedom.

Along similar lines, Pascal Bruckner has written:

America has an amazing ability to live with a dose of structural anarchy, extremism, and chaos that would kill Europeans. So that in America, regularity paradoxically arises from a permanent state of crisis.


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While leafing through the recent issue of Reason, I came upon this confusing advertisement and image:

A bit odd, no?

To be fair, the advertiser — “The Twelve Visions Party” — may be a virtuous troupe of happenin’ freedom mongers.

But their ad campaign has an uncanny valley thing going on. Not unlike this robot interview.

My fellow libertarians are by and large swell people, but ever since my visit to a Harry Browne rally in 2000, I’ve noticed that a few of them have the glazed-over “Scientologist Look” in their eyes.

It’s as if the mere mention of the terms “eminent domain” and “easement” send them straight into a trance.

A completely unfair characterization, to be sure, but I’m throwing it out there for discussion.

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