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  • From Herbert Spencer, the Right to Ignore the State: “If every man has freedom to do all that he wills, provided he infringes not the equal freedom of any other man, then he is free to drop connection with the state — to relinquish its protection, and to refuse paying toward its support. It is self-evident that in so behaving he in no way trenches upon the liberty of others; for his position is a passive one; and whilst passive he cannot become an aggressor. It is equally self-evident that he cannot be compelled to continue one of a political corporation, without a breach of the moral law, seeing that citizenship involves payment of taxes; and the taking away of a man’s property against his will, is an infringement of his rights.
  • Skip Oliva Blackouts & Antitrust: “While the NFL’s contracts with various television networks reserve Sunday and Monday telecasts, surely the NFL could reserve a Friday or Saturday evening slot so that a highlighted game could be played with less disruption to the participating clubs. Well, the NFL doesn’t have that option, in large part because federal antitrust law severely restricts the ability of the NFL — and only the NFL — to televise live games on Fridays and Saturdays.”
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Week 8 NFL Picks

Haven’t done this for a couple weeks. Back in the saddle now.

  • Miami 19, CINCINNATI 15
  • Jacksonville 25, DALLAS 19
  • Washington 23, DETROIT 15
  • KANSAS CITY 26, Buffalo 9
  • ST. LOUIS 25, Carolina 9
  • NEW YORK JETS 29, Green Bay 16
  • SAN FRANCISCO 33, Denver 17
  • SAN DIEGO 26, Tennessee 19
  • OAKLAND 15, Seattle 12
  • NEW ENGLAND 35, Minnesota 17
  • Tampa Bay 23, ARIZONA 18
  • PITTSBURGH 29, New Orleans 15
  • Houston 29, INDIANAPOLIS 27

Contemptible ding-dong Jared Allen (defensive end, Minnesota Vikings)

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The Saints-Vikings matchup is in the history books already, and although I predicted the correct outcome on Twitter, my expectations for a high-scoring affair were way off. Ah well.

Anyway, here’s the rest of my Week 1 picks.

Philadelphia 29, Green Bay 27 — The Pack is 0-9 in Philadelphia since 1962. Some trends are nigh-permanent.

Buffalo 15, Miami 9– The Bills, though awful, are 5-1 in their last six home games vs. the Dolphins.

Tennessee 19, Oakland 17 — Tennessee is 7-1 in its last eight home games vs. the Raiders.

New England 28, Cincinnati 26 — The Bengals have gone 1-6 in their last seven games vs. the Patriots.

Chicago 27, Detroit 25 — The Lions haven’t won a game on grass in their last 10 tries.

Carolina 25, New York Giants 19 — Here’s a juicy nugget: the Giants are 2-4 in their last six home games. Yikes.

Pittsburgh 28, Atlanta 25 — Pittsburgh is 12-2 in its last 14 home games and Atlanta has a putrid 8-17 record in its last 25 road games.

Cleveland 25, Tampa Bay 15 — Tampa Bay’s record in its last 20 games? 3-17. ’nuff said.

Jacksonville 29, Denver 24 — The Jags have won five of their last seven home games and are 4-1 in their last five games against Denver. I smell a Jacksonville “W.”

Houston 36, Indianapolis 21 — The Texans are a surprising 14-6 in their last 20 home games.

Arizona 16, St. Louis 9 — No stats or trends necessary. St Louis is simply horrible.

San Francisco 39, Seattle 25 — Don’t be shocked if the Seahawks squeak out a win here. They are 10-4 in their last 14 games vs. the 49ers.

Dallas 45, Washington 23 — The Redskins are 2-8 in their last 10 divisional games.

Baltimore 28, New York Jets 19 — Baltimore has beaten the Jets five straight times. That total will extend to six.

San Diego 36, Kansas City 18 — San Diego is undefeated in its last five road games. And the Chiefs are about to become roadkill.

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