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Public service announcements are terrible. The best ones are unintentionally funny. To wit:

Others are simply preachy and annoying. To wit:

If you don’t feel like watching the afore-embedded YouTube clip — and really, who could blame you, IT SUCKS — I’ll summarize it for you.

Teen rapscallion Julia asks her teen friend Emma if she’s “going out tonight.” Emma responds, “No, my parents say I have to be home early,” or something. Julia responds with “That’s so gay,” to which Emma says “Totally.”

A concerned citizen promptly interjects and basically accuses Emma and Julia of homophobia. The PSA ends with a narrator telling those of us who use the phrase “That’s so gay” to “KNOCK IT OFF.”

I won’t get into a pointless breakdown of semantics or context here. That would be totally gay.

So all I will say is “YAWN!

And “Why can’t someone pay me to write PSAs? At least mine would be entertaining.”

In my PSA, a bunch of roller-skating pirate bears with flamingly homosexual parrots on their shoulders would slide in from Vaseline Alley and admonish Emma and Julia with a roaring “ARRRRRRR! Did I hear some homophobia?! ARRRRRR!!!

That would be FUN but not preachy! It would be fucking awesome! 

But we’re left to endure the afore-embedded horseshit, so screw it all anyway.

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