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The back-flip over the police car at the 3:54 mark is One of Life’s Greatest Things.

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I posit that “Strangers When We Meet” is a pretty great and under-appreciated David Bowie song, particularly the version that appears on his album Outside.

Have a listen, by god.


All my friends

Now seem so thin and frail

Slinky secrets

Hotter than the sun

No peachy prayers

No trendy rechauffe

I’m with you

So I can’t go on


All my violence

Raining tears upon the sheet

I’m bewildered/resentful

For we’re strangers when we meet


Blank screen TV

Preening ourselves in the snow

Forget my name

But I’m over you

Blended sunrise

And it’s a dying world

Humming Rheingold

We scavenge up our clothes


Cold tired fingers

Tapping out your memories

Halfway sadness

Dazzled by the new

Your embrace

Was all that I feared

That whirling room

We trade by vendu


Steely resolve

Is falling from me

My poor soul

All bruised passivity

All your regrets

Ride roughshod over me

I’m so glad

That we’re strangers when we meet

I’m so thankful

That we’re strangers when we meet

I’m in clover

For we’re strangers when we meet

Heel head over

And we’re strangers when we meet

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I’m growing a beard for 2013. I hope it goes well.

2012 was a nice year. One thing I really liked about it was the contribution of guest-bloggers to this site.

All 2012 guest-bloggers are depicted below. Please give them a round of enthusiastic applause because they are awesome people who do the Really Good Thing and rule.

In fact, I like them so much that I invite ’em  to blog here permanently and at their leisure,  if they so desire.

Thanks much, guys…



Daniel Kalder



Matt Duvall



Ricky Sprague



Scott Stein



Ruth Waytz

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And this is better than coffee:

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