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  • Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wants some glory hole
  • Sean Penn‘s hair
  • Whatever became of the Ice-T/David Hasselhoff rap album?


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Trip to North Korea in June, 2008 한국어: 2008년 6...

North Korea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Daniel Kalder — WHO ARE THE HAIR POLICE? “…there are 28 officially acceptable haircuts in North Korea – 10 styles for men and 18 for women. Unsurprisingly, the styles are pretty conservative – dye jobs are out; nothing spiky is permitted (nothing too long either, even on women) and definitely NO MOHAWKS…”
  • More hair issues — “A Chinese woman hasn’t cut her hair for the past 11 years and her locks now hang at 6ft 7in long. In comparison to her long hair, 44-year-old Cen Yingyuan only stands 5ft feet in height, meaning that unless she ties up her tresses her hair trails on the floor as she walks.”
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Bacchus’ Nymph by AnnuskA – AnnA Theodora on Flickr.

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