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I’ve been in a literary dry spell for a while. Bought a Gore Vidal book and barely touched it. And I haven’t bothered to finish a few other things sitting around. Can’t get motivated to properly dig into this quite yet either.

But there are a few newly available titles trickling into the market right now, and they have my interest piqued.

A few of them:

Thoughts, anyone? I like the title for Kimball’s book, which apparently came out last year. Reminds me of the name I gave to a tag/category cloud on this site long ago, i.e. the Permanence of Fatuousness.

UPDATE: Got the Kindle version of Williamson’s book. So far, so good. Very engaging read early on.

UPDATE No. 2: Williamson made the news for throwing some chick’s cell phone in a theater. The New York Post wants his hat in the mayoral candidacy ring now.

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Barack Obama

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and Professional Assassin, Barack Obama

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Here’s a site that’s jam-packed with information: Nation Master. It has graphs and stats galore relating to different nations (most represented on a per capita basis).

Some info gleaned…

The site also has an interesting feature called “the Full Wiki,” which identifies trends on Wikipedia. Right now, some movers and shakers in the Wiki universe include:

I then learned that…

Fun stuff.

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