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Here’s the controversial “Innocence of Muslims,” the best cinematic meisterwerk since “Cool as Ice”: bit.ly/U8nDk9

— Jim Goad (@jimgoad) September 13, 2012

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Round Two of my vacation photos. All pics by Jackie BaisaLocations run the gamut from Green Bay, Wisconsin to Iron Mountain, Michigan to Spread Eagle and Florence, Wisconsin, with occasional dollops of Pembine, WI and points beyond.


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I’m unveiling the first of many great photos taken by Jackie Baisa on our recent trip to Michigan and Wisconsin.

More to come soon.

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My dog is my favorite non-human animal on earth.

Whenever we arrive at the dog park, we are barbarians at the gates, restless to permeate the membranes of these verdant cocoons; eager to find tranquility and smoke it from its hole.

The dog is my fierce friend, my loyal companion. When I’m depressed, he energizes me with his playfulness. When I need to relax, he is a palm frond for my aching ass muscles.

Sometimes people try to “tame” the contrarian fires burning in my dog’s wolf-warrior soul. To slow this elegant engine of destruction from its march through neighbors’ backyards and their cat-litter boxes.

But, to paraphrase something the great Jim Goad once said, “Would you ask Usain Bolt not to sprint?

If someone ever tried to hurt my dog, the forecast would call for a torrent of fist-showers. My knuckles would rain hell on his assailant with the ferocity of a valkyrie carrying its freshest kill to Valhalla.

Cat owners, yours is no disgrace. I love cats too. I actually own one of them, with another on the way (I’m “cat-pregnant,” with an expected due date of Autumn 2013.)

But I admire the chaos and incivility that dogs bring to the table. Chaos sells, and my dog’s buying.

Fun tidbit: My ex-wife and I enjoy joint custody of the dog. When he’s not with me being awesome, he’s protecting her and my son from the city’s most ignoble scum.

He is the greatest canine I know.

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English: Flag of the resistance in Waziristan ...

English: Flag of the resistance in Waziristan in the 1930s Note: not the flag of Waziristan, nor of the Islamic Emirate of Waziristan nor further still of any current resistance movement in Waziristan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And, via Ruth Waytz:

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Turning 39 was a delight.

JB gave me this amazing blown-up photo of my pooch, Carver, which I will soon hang on my wall with gleaming pride:


JB also gave me this terrific book, which is full of great photos. Below are some examples (scanned versions don’t do them justice though):

And, thanks to some birthday cash from the fam, I procured these items:

And I haven’t even mentioned this goddamn humdinger of a t-shirt, courtesy of JB! (And two others much like it!)


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