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  • NFL quarterbacks have continued to rewrite the record books in recent years, perhaps none as spectacularly as Green Bay’s [Aaron] Rodgers and New Orleans’ [Drew] Brees. Rodgers’ career passer rating (104.9) is nearly 10 points higher than No. 2 [Steve] Young (96.8), No. 3 [Tom] Brady (96.6) and No. 4 [Peyton] Manning (95.7). Rodgers also boasts the lowest INT rate (1.7%) and best TD-INT ratio (3.7 to 1) in history.”
  • Richard Dawkins gets weird as motherfucking shit right here (wait for the payoff 5 minutes in, it’s worth it).
  • This is creepy and annoying, re: the Obamacare rollout: “‘If I’m uninsured and it’s October, I won’t be able to go anywhere without escaping a message,’ John Gilbert, who leads Enroll America’s field operations, told supporters in a Thursday night presentation. ‘I turn on my TV and there’s an ad. I go on the Internet and there’s another ad. Someone shows up at my door to talk about it. I go to church and my pastor is talking about it.'” —————- Hey! Go fuck yourself, Gilbert.
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I dunno, call me a socialist/commie/contrarian, but our new health care system seems very simple, efficient and pragmatic.

This map shows why.

Full story here, ACA fans!

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Super Fun Affordable Awesomeness

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New Orleans 9th Ward, 6 months after Katrina - 18

The Antiplanner has a good post addressing America’s not-so-pending economic collapse.

He writes:

…despite the arithmetic logic that says the U.S. government is a poor credit risk, people will continue to lend to us because we are the only place in the world with potential for near-unlimited economic growth. It may take decades; we may have to short-change baby boomers on promised social security; and it will only be delayed by expensive programs like Obamacare and inane projects like high-speed rail; but eventually we will pay off those debts and return to full economic health.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t fight those programs, but it does mean we shouldn’t panic or give up. Economic freedom will prevail, and we should use every tool of our political freedom to maintain that economic freedom.

Along similar lines, Pascal Bruckner has written:

America has an amazing ability to live with a dose of structural anarchy, extremism, and chaos that would kill Europeans. So that in America, regularity paradoxically arises from a permanent state of crisis.


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President Barack Obama and Vice President Jose...

2 Cunning Shits

After the big news the other day — the Supreme Court gave the green light to Obamacare — I started break dancing in the streets with confetti and cool sunglasses. Clearly, the greatest law ever had come to fruition, and everyone’s problems would now be solved, thanks to the most benevolent and caring human ever, Barack Obama.

*Eye roll*

My main concern with Obamacare is this: markets work best when you have lots and lots of buyers and lots and lots of sellers. When you have lots and lots of buyers and one monolithic transactor providing regulatory “oversight,” and that monolithic transactor is the government, which is notoriously susceptible to gaming (see pension spiking in California), then you open up a huge box of crap.

I’ll echo what my libertarian writer friend Lucy Steigerwald has written about — the only thing worse than hate is abstract love. When the government administers “abstract love” i.e. contrived, convoluted “caring,” there is almost always (bad) unintended consequences.

Regulation distorts markets. Yes, I understand, you need some regulation because there are a lot of thieves in the temple masquerading as free marketers. And heck, the EPA has even mitigated acid rain with its regulatory efforts!

But this bit of Obama chicanery is, charitably speaking, “an overreach.” A cynical overreach at that.

Let’s call Obamacare what it is: Something driven by longstanding, well-heeled Democrats like Pelosi and Biden so they can continue to get “atta boys” at lavish fund-raisers held by their affluent, nominally “liberal” friends.

I don’t see a legitimate attempt here to help the American people; I see cynical gamesmanship to further empower and raise the social status of a few insufferable gnats.

Obama’s facing a billionaire retirement when he leaves office, so I suspect he doesn’t give a damn anyway. He’ll be safely insulated from the economic consequences of his feelgood legislation, as will his affluent “liberal” friends.

But I have additional concerns about my diminishing autonomy under this new law, my ability to choose my own physician, and industry transparency regarding who is in bed with whom now. Moreover, I’m concerned about the incentives and positive signals, if any, the legislation sends to doctors and potential doctors. For them, work will no longer be about healing, helping or — gasp — making good money. Their work will be about compliance and procedural issues. Everything health-related will take a backseat or 20.

Please prove me wrong, but this all looks like acne-covered ass.

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