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Ayn Rand

I know most of my friends view Ayn Rand as a cruel idiot cult-leader who worshiped at the throne of herself. And that’s fine and dandy. I mean, I realize people love freaking out about her.

BUT…she did come up with one of my all-time favorite quotes, which I’ve helpfully copied and pasted below.

The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.

On their own — in a vacuum, removed from whatever your opinion is of Rand — those are damn fine words.

And I don’t care if Rand was a slobbering, hypocritical troglodyte.

That quote stands among my all-time faves.


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In years past — specifically, each December — I’ve celebrated the medium of blogging by inviting writers I like to compose guest posts here, at this blog.

These events have gone by the moniker “A BORSCHT-IN,” and they have been good fun.


Part of the fun was watching talented scribes like Daniel Kalder and Ricky Sprague do their thing, and do it damn well.


But this year, I’m inverting the process. This year, instead of soliciting blog posts for this site, I’m offering to guest-post at other peoples’ blogs in December.

Lucy Steigerwald on Hollywood Boulevard

I’ve already promised the brilliant Lucy Steigerwald an item for her blog. I also have something brewing for the blog of my amazing friend Ruth Waytz.

Ruth as Clay Matthews

So, I humbly throw this idea out to the shifting, whispering sands of the Internet — who else would like to taint their brand by allowing me to pilot their blog for a post or two during the month of December?

I only have one rule for this experiment — if you ask me to blog for you, you must assign me a blogging topic.

Somehow it just seems more fun that way.

Game on, comrades.


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English: Firing Squad in Iran, winner of Pulit...

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Chuck Norris was the special outside referee f...

  • More Kalder: “For the Mullahs of Iran, America is the Great Satan and they are the servants of God. But while God’s people just unveiled the interstellar equivalent of a vacuum tube in a big brown box, Satan is kicking back and watching porn on a 90-inch 3D HD flat screen while sipping on a brewski.”
  • Still more Kalder:  “For too long Russia has been a place from which people flee, and not a haven for those seeking refuge. Russia would make an especially good home for all those actors who have declined in their homelands but remain popular in the East. For instance, Chuck Norris — I know he’s an ironic icon in America, but he was a bona fide god in Moscow in the 1990s.”
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