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Still More Bats

Via Flickr. Click photos to go to individual’s Flickr page.


Roussette des Seychelles ( Pteropus seychellensis ) - Seychelles fruit bat

Column of bats


in flight

child's play

Shadows in the trees. Fruit Bat, Cambodia.

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All photos by the lovely Jackie Baisa.

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My body feels like a truck ran over it, so I’m being brief.

However, there are CUSTOM WESLEY WILLIS SONGS (kind of) at When Falls the Coliseum, and the always excellent Daniel Kalder has a new, highly navigable blog of archives up here. Check it out. Tons of great stuff available for your perusal. Plus, long-time online palĀ Brian Clark has shipped something my way via USPS, so I’m looking forward to that.

Also, Flickr is not just God’s Abandoned Vanity Project. It’s more than that.

Abandoned Cub Foods store (Green Bay, WI)


Deer Head

Tim Knox and Todd Longstaffe-Gowan Collection, Private Collection, London, England


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Sunshade Mole cricket portrait Meteor Interior

Secret Canyon Vampirella White Lion The Sweet Ride True-July1953

Taking a Call at Night Body Lines Rachael - Horns Jenny - Double Catholic three Hail Marys

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Amorous Ephemera

Back Home on the Farm

Deep-Fried Dystopia

Esoteric Sentience

God’s Abandoned Vanity Project

Hide in Plain Sight

I’ll Show You the Life of the Mind!

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