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  • Daniel Kalder: “Could I have just stood by the lake doing literally nothing for hours, holding a stick instead of a fishing rod? No. I had to at least allow for the possibility of killing something to enter into the bliss of transcendent calm. Living is a strange business, gentlemen.”
  • From the great nation of Kenya: “Rumor has it that Wini Nkinda is a member of illuminati. After Octopizo now Wini? Only time will tell whether this is a publicity stunt that is working so well to make our celebs famous.” h/t Jesse Walker
  • High Desert Barbecue: “Written in a style that might be described as Edward Abbey meets Hunter S. Thompson, conspiracy, arson and ineptitude threaten the desert West, and only a misanthropic hermit, a subversive schoolteacher and an unemployed business writer stand in the way.” ht/ Lucy Steigerwald
  • Steve Sailer: “The Dictator is Sacha Baron Cohen’s fourth and—surprisingly—funniest movie, a definite improvement over his biggest hit Borat. But critics, who raved in 2006 about how Borat exposed the anti-Semitism throbbing in Red State America’s heart, are now having second thoughts about Baron Cohen’s unapologetic Zionism. As the Great Girls Whiteness Crisis of 2012 suggested, during the serious business of Obama’s reelection campaign anybody with a sense of humor is automatically suspect.”

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Raquel Welch is Gorgeous

Amorous Ephemera

Big Athletica

  • Does Brett Favre’s invulnerability, and the endless agony it puts him through in terms of retirement choices, make him Faust? (Pal Rob introduced this theory to me last night.)


Deep-Fried Dystopia

Divine Illumination

I’ll Show You the Life of the Mind!

  • Writing is a solitary occupation. Family, friends, and society are the natural enemies of the writer. He must be alone, uninterrupted, and slightly savage if he is to sustain and complete an undertaking.” — Jessamyn West

Look at That Pussy!

The Road to Hell is Paved With Misspent Tax Dollars

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