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By Ruth Waytz

Are you one of the few, the proud, the way-inside enough to be reading Naomi Alper’s awesome “Trust Me They’ll Love It” blog?

If not, then allow me to lay some science on you: This is without question the funniest, best-written (well ok after Iced Borscht of course), most informative blog around.

Naomi rules the retail roost at the legendary Wacko, yet she still finds time to do a daily Christmas Crap blog entry in which she finds, showcases, and describes (in the most delightful prose!) the most bizarre, obscure, I WANT THAT stuff on the planet.

Today, it’s a Squirrel Coffee Mug – and that’s not a person-sized mug with a picture of a squirrel on it (nor is it a mug shaped like a squirrel) – it’s a tiny mug … well you just have to see it for yourself, now don’t you?

Check it out. And tell her I sent you!



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Culled from Flickr. Click on the pics to follow through to a photographer’s page.

Three Putins

Russia Putin


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Traveling to America’s Dairyland in a short while.

Some pics from that grand state.

Click on pic to follow through to user’s Flickr page.

Middle of Winter

Ticket Booth

Out of the Morning Mist

Vines and Wires

Summer Hillside

Run of the Wind Mill

Green Bay Pete Former Kohl's supermarket (now Big Lots), Ashwaubenon, WI

vintage McDonald's sign

Albino Whitetail Deer Tender Loving Care

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