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Via ye olde Tundranautica account

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via my aggregate of found Tumblr images

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Attack of the Grackle Cloud

Starling murmuration - "King Cobra"

Alberta, Canada, 2010

Gdansk, Poland, 2011

Prentice Hospital

Yayoi Kusama

Swimming Anemone

Wurlitzer organ at the Paramount Theater

Baby King Cobra

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David Icke is an insane huckster who believes reptilian shape-shifters control the global economy.

He also believes that secret cabals pick kings and orchestrate societal collapse ala the League of Shadows.

Whereas the freaky truth is that volatile market forces, etc., shape the global economy, etc. 

Nevertheless, David Icke is a lot of fun.

Here is a fun image mined from his Facebook page.


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