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Suggested listening right now. In the downtempo, low-key autumn mode.

With some spastic flourishes.

The Monkees


  • Uranium,” Thinking Fellers Union Local 282
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I fell asleep in my easy chair the other night and woke up at 4 a.m. as this excellent Angels of Light song was randomly playing on my Amazon Cloud Player’s shuffle function.


At the risk of sounding unclear and esoteric, I’ll note that the song went quite well with the literal — and maybe proverbial and/or metaphorical! — darkness before the dawn.

That is all.

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These are a few excellent/random under-appreciated albums from my listening experience in the past 15-20 years.

I’ve provided a sample track from each record. In the future, I’ll try to post more lists like this, time permitting.

11. Succubus, the Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation (2009)

10. Queen of the MeadowElysian Fields (2001)


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TV on the Radio is a very interesting band that somehow managed to elude my radar the last few years.

This song/video of theirs is pretty effing amazing:

I discovered it via an excellent Touch and Go Records digital sampler last night and then proceeded to watch it about 10 times on YouTube. It has a Resisting-the-Violent-Indifference-of-Being quality to it.

Or maybe it just sounds like Peter Gabriel’s face being vacuumed by the Swans on DMT.

Regardless, it’s good.

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Three Amigos

  • NFL quarterbacks have continued to rewrite the record books in recent years, perhaps none as spectacularly as Green Bay’s [Aaron] Rodgers and New Orleans’ [Drew] Brees. Rodgers’ career passer rating (104.9) is nearly 10 points higher than No. 2 [Steve] Young (96.8), No. 3 [Tom] Brady (96.6) and No. 4 [Peyton] Manning (95.7). Rodgers also boasts the lowest INT rate (1.7%) and best TD-INT ratio (3.7 to 1) in history.”
  • Richard Dawkins gets weird as motherfucking shit right here (wait for the payoff 5 minutes in, it’s worth it).
  • This is creepy and annoying, re: the Obamacare rollout: “‘If I’m uninsured and it’s October, I won’t be able to go anywhere without escaping a message,’ John Gilbert, who leads Enroll America’s field operations, told supporters in a Thursday night presentation. ‘I turn on my TV and there’s an ad. I go on the Internet and there’s another ad. Someone shows up at my door to talk about it. I go to church and my pastor is talking about it.'” —————- Hey! Go fuck yourself, Gilbert.
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Probably the fave song from my playlist over the last eight or nine months.

Wasn’t it a little strange, the motion of going

I was hiding in a dust chord when the light started showing

While you were searching for seasons and finding your high

I was probably in the grooviest years of my life


I fell asleep in winter, I was tired of your fire

But you were standing on a staircase, it was all I required

I turned you on to the feeling of changing inside

And the strangest vibrations in my mind

Wasn’t it a little strange

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