Bringing Home the Freshest Kill

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Story by Iced Borscht/Artwork by Ricky Sprague, 2010

PORTLAND, ORE. — It was a cheery autumn day in Portland, Oregon. Quinton Dean, award-winning local jour­nal­ist, gam­boled hap­pily through Portland’s vibrant down­town. He looked at his under-employed city and nod­ded approvingly.

“Who needs a robust econ­omy — or even a func­tion­ing one — in a city so livable?”

A rid­er­less Max Train sped by. Dean stood with pride at the train’s empty-yet-sparkling clean tran­sit nook.

“Progress,” he cooed.

Smiles rip­pled through his underpants. Then some­thing went astir. A blonde hair fell from the sky.

Somehow, it seemed…odd…

Dean sniffed the gold strand with his news-seeking nostrils.

“…there’s some­thing famil­iar about this…”

Dean’s head started to ache. He grew dizzy and con­fused; he looked at a bill­board of local insur­ance débu­tante Mariko Locke to shake him from his sud­den stu­por. Who bet­ter to pull him from the void than the Empress of Indemnity, after all?

Empress of Indemnity


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Well, I’ve finally gotten around to publishing pdX-Man and Leafy Boy — Issue No.1: “Tits On Ice,” my much-delayed comic brook project with the great Ricky Sprague.

Here it is. Enjoy…

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