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Portland’s own Shift is one of the most underrated and brilliant writers on the Web-Internet-thing, and he’s got a great post up at Street Carnage addressing one man’s crusade to get an asteroid named after Trayvon Martin.


William Lowell Putnam III, a weird old lily-white nutjob with the Lowell Observatory somewhere in Arizona, has petitioned the Minor Planet Center, an organization apparently in charge of naming errant space rocks after minors, to name an asteroid after Trayvon Martin, the “unarmed teen” shot while innocently slamming someone’s head into concrete in Florida in 2012.

Does he expect those of us who’ve actually met a black person to tell them about this?

I’m sure there are about as many African-American astronomy enthusiasts as there are black Bruce Springsteen fans or black Hardball With Chris Matthews viewers.

Portly provocateur and Trayvon idolator Michael Moore of Stupid White Men fame has about as many black followers as Lawrence Welk did.

Let’s “honor diversity” from outer space, but not in our own breakfast nooks and gated communities here on Earth.

Let’s “honor diversity” by tipping our doorman.

On a related note, Street Carnage contributor Lasse created this goddamn humdinger of a solidarity asteroid:

Solidarity Asteroid Hoodie



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 Spider Woman by Alex Maleev

  • Daniel Kalder on Edward Snowden and the irony of leaking:  “…when it comes to leaks, irony abounds. The Russians and the Chinese and the Cubans relish the irony of protecting a dissident from the US, the self-proclaimed champion of human rights. Snowden hopes to escape to a country less free than the one he betrayed in the name of freedom. And let us not forget the master-leaker, Julian Assange of Wikileaks, who entered the Ecuadorean embassy in London to avoid being sent to prison, and now lives in what is, essentially, a prison. After a year of seeing his pasty face around their offices every day, I cannot imagine how much those diplomats must hate him. Those whom the gods would destroy…”
  • More Kalder — on the last words/goodbyes of death row inmates: “…it’s easier for the condemned if they have religious faith. God, Jesus, or Allah provide reassurance that life’s journey is not about to end on the executioner’s gurney, and that even the worst murderers will be forgiven in heaven as they were not forgiven by the State of Texas.”
  • Noah Rothman on the media’s transgressions in covering the Trayvon Martin trial: “Clearly, the public is more sophisticated than some members of the media believe. The way in which baseless speculation motivated by personal bias is packaged to appear to be analysis is as transparent as cellophane. It is insulting and it is detrimental to the future of the business of television journalism.”
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