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I’ve been in a literary dry spell for a while. Bought a Gore Vidal book and barely touched it. And I haven’t bothered to finish a few other things sitting around. Can’t get motivated to properly dig into this quite yet either.

But there are a few newly available titles trickling into the market right now, and they have my interest piqued.

A few of them:

Thoughts, anyone? I like the title for Kimball’s book, which apparently came out last year. Reminds me of the name I gave to a tag/category cloud on this site long ago, i.e. the Permanence of Fatuousness.

UPDATE: Got the Kindle version of Williamson’s book. So far, so good. Very engaging read early on.

UPDATE No. 2: Williamson made the news for throwing some chick’s cell phone in a theater. The New York Post wants his hat in the mayoral candidacy ring now.

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 Dennis Kucinich speaking at an SEIU event.Emphases mine.
  • Daily Kos, always eager to serve and fellate the current executive office, champions the Surveillance State here.
  • Daniel Kalder: “On a recent visit to Istanbul I stayed in an apartment looking out on the Bosphorus. Every morning I’d get up and see the sun sparkling on the surface of the water as birds circled languidly overhead. At night it was even better, as the thumping techno from the pleasure boats and the call of the Muezzin intermingled. It was very different from my usual mode of accommodation when I travel: cheap hotels, dirt, and the lingering possibility of sudden, violent death.”
  • Manifest Density: “...people love to be told that they’re great just the way they are. I think this is the lens through which one should view much of Gawker Media’s output, from their shaming of racist teens on Twitter to their outing of Violentacrez the Reddit troll. The moral judgments underlying these articles aren’t wrong, which makes them very hard to argue against. But the public performance of those values is clearly about flattering the sensibilities of the audience — ‘gawker’ is exactly the right word for it. When the formula works, there’s an element of triumphalist mob mentality to the proceedings. To me, at least, this often seems more odious than the pathetic and easily-dismissed troll’s gambit.”
  • More Kalder: “Personally, I don’t doubt that Texas would be very successful if it became a country. The state has the 14th largest economy in the world: bigger than Australia’s. But the vast majority of Texans believe that they are better off inside the USA and so the secession movement is extremely weak. I know this because last year I attended a meeting of the Texas Nationalists on the 175th anniversary of Texas independence. Although they claimed to have 250,000 members they could barely scrape together 30 folk to fill a room in a hotel built on the historical grounds of the Alamo itself. They were gentle, peaceful people: every now and then a speaker would look out the window at the old mission house and cry.
  • Tom Jackson: “The votes have been counted and the results seem clear: Libertarians won. I’m not joking. Ballot initiatives measure actual popularity of social movements, and the resounding victories last victories of ballot measures to approve the legalization of marijuana and to support gay marriage amount to a stunning shift in public opinion in favor of freedom. Voters approved gay marriage in three states, Maine, Maryland and Washington, and defeated a ban on gay marriage in Minnesota. They approved legalizing the use of marijuana in two states, Washington and Colorado. It was the first time that either issue had been approved in a state ballot referendum. This seems much more significant to me than worrying about which professional politician in the Oval Office or on the Senate floor will be using your tax money to buy votes.”
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English: Portrait of Gore Vidal by Juan F. Bastos

  • Brian Doherty on Gore Vidal, who is now dead: “Vidal had a winning mistrust of elites and understood–and this is the key to why so many cannot tolerate him–that they, especially in the American security and foreign policy apparati, didn’t necessarily mean well and could and did behave evilly.”
  • Gavin McInnes: “Liberals are not idiots. They’re just like you were when you first moved out of your parents’ house. It’s like their research is cryogenically frozen right before Google was invented. However, unlike extremist Muslims and Hasidic Jews, some of the things they believe are actually correct.”
  • Michael Shermer: “…even though I am a life-long libertarian who champions freedom in all spheres of life and has previously opposed gun-control measures in principle (I do not personally enjoy hunting or recreational gun shooting), I now believe that the freedom of a few people to own WMMs (Weapons of Mass Murder) conflicts with the freedom of the rest of us to enter the public sphere without the chance of our ultimate freedom of life itself being cut short.”

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It’s been awhile since I’ve discussed my favorite home invaders, Alexis, Jorge and Benito.


You may recall that these young men — innocent until proven guilty, of course — recently (and allegedly!) traumatized a 12-year-old Troutdale girl while attempting to burglarize her home.


And lest I forget, these Three Stooges were arrested just down the street from my place30 minutes after two or three cretins ransacked every room in the house and stole $3,000-plus worth of loot.

Curious! A many layered quilt, this world! Will coincidences — and wonders — ever cease?

These cretins not only traumatized the heroic 12-year-old girl who called 911 on them, but they’ve ALLEGEDLY made it hard for me to explain to my 5-year-old son why our home was completely trashed one night and a bunch of stuff had suddenly disappeared.

I did not tell him that two or three animals broke into the house, helped themselves to beer and soda and began taking anything and everything of value. I never told him, but he knows something strange occurred. He knows that his home, a place that’s supposed to be safe from the garbage of the outside world, was somehow violated. That unsettling feeling will stick with him for awhile.

The Elephant in the Room

There’s an interesting subplot to this story, as one or two of the Three Stooges may be illegal aliens. And if you read some comments on local blogs and news stories about AlexisJorge and Benito, you’ll see plenty of rancor coming from the anti-Mexican crowd. Read the comments, please do, but promise me this: don’t shed any tears for Alexis, Jorge and Benito.

Their ALLEGED crimes couldn’t come at a worse possible time. Race-fueled arguments are taking place all over the country due to what’s going on in Arizona.


However, here’s what makes the timing of these three goons’ ALLEGED misdeeds so idiotic: the truth, for those who care to know it, is that Americans are slowly coming to empathize with illegal aliens. Perhaps not in Southern California, perhaps not in Arizona, but there are signs of progress.


Case in point: A great article called “His-Panic” recently caused quite a stir in theAmericanConservative, of all places. The piece works hard to destroy common misconceptions about immigrants. Its sub-header reads:

“Talk TV sensationalists and axe-grinding ideologues have fallen for a myth of immigrant lawlessness.”

Author Roy Unz does a nice job with both the story and some crime statistics (which are always easily manipulated, sure, but let’s put down our Cynic Gloves for a moment). Writes Unz, all emphases mine:

“Nearly all of the most heavily Latino (American) cities have low or even extremely low crime rates, and virtually none have rates much above the national average. Eighty percent Latino El Paso has the lowest homicide and robbery rates of any major city in the continental United States. This is not what we would expect to find if Hispanics had crime rates far higher than whites. Individual cities may certainly have anomalously low crime rates for a variety of reasons, but the overall trend of crime rates compared to ethnicity seems unmistakable.”

Intriguing, right? And what makes the ALLEGED acts of AlexisJorge and Benito so impossibly dumb is the following passage, which literally hits home. Unz makes a convincing case that cities with giant Latino populations generally have LESS crime than predominantly white cities, like…drum rollPORTLAND, OREGON.

“…if we restrict our analysis to major cities of half a million people or more and compare the average crime rates for the five most heavily Hispanic cities—Albuquerque, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Antonio, and El Paso—to the those of the five whitest—Oklahoma City, Columbus, Indianapolis, Seattle, and Portland. This time, the more Hispanic cities are the ones with the lower crime rates—10 percent below the white cities in homicide and 15 percent lower in violent crime. A particularly remarkable result is that gigantic Los Angeles—50 percent Hispanic and frequently perceived as a dangerous urban hellhole—has violent crime rates close to those of Portland, Oregon, the whitest major city in the nation at 74 percent.

So it’s not all hatred, not all doom and gloom. Things may be getting better for race relations. Or so it seems. But the situation is fragile enough that the slightest misstep, even on a local level, can start to unravel the majestic quilt of tolerance.


As always, there’s plenty of blame to go around. But if you wish to channel your self-righteous liberal rage at those who perpetuate racial discord, then please start with three awful human beings named AlexisJorge and Benito.

They make atheists like me wish there truly was a hell for them to roast in. If you have a problem with this, then I suggest you join AlexisJorge and Benito in the furnace. Tell Satan I said “hi.”

Tolerance For You, Me and Everyone!

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