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Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson. Panel from Batma...

Pal Ricky has the best, most accurate review of the Dark Knight Rises that I have seen so far. A sample:

Never mind why every single character in the film always happens to be in exactly the right spot at the right time. Never mind that nobody could figure out that Bruce Wayne was Batman despite the fact that his armory was discovered inside Wayne Enterprises. Never mind that nobody apparently did anything to examine the background of Miranda Tate. Never mind that the police just lounged around doing nothing underground for three months. Never mind that everyone in the entire world outside of Gotham City just went on about their lives, occasionally asking each other, “Hey, you know whatever happened to that nuclear bomb in Gotham City? Yeah, I haven’t heard, either. You gonna eat that?” Never mind that Bruce Wayne had the most miraculous recovery from a broken back in the history of comic book movies.

Whole thing here.

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There are new “Audio Files” at the Coliseum.

This week: Vlad from Russia and Slobberchop offer up their Top 5 albums (LINK)

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