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“…you don’t know shit ’til you been in my shoes”

August 24, 2014 by MC | No Comments | Filed in Stuff

The back-flip over the police car at the 3:54 mark is One of Life’s Greatest Things.

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The Documentary That Inspired Me to Rescue My Drums from Storage so I Can Beat the Hell Out of Them Again

August 1, 2014 by MC | No Comments | Filed in Stuff

I recently watched a fantastic documentary about Ginger Baker. See below. It’s a great film that goes beyond drums — it goes straight into the brilliant hellstorm that is Baker’s brain, and it teaches us all a thing or two about survival, resilience and being true to yourself and your art. It’s fantastic.

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Some Links

July 17, 2014 by MC | No Comments | Filed in Stuff

Are Polite People More Violent and Destructive? DECKER! The Mini-Series Gluten Craze Says More About Our Psychology than Physiology Insects, the New Miracle Food Why Frank Sinatra Hated Marlon Brando‘s Guts New contender for favourite photograph in the world: — Josh Newton (@albinjindu) June 25, 2014

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