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America Hates Journalists Loudwire: Best Rock Albums of 2013 (So Far) Phlegraean Fields Scott Locklin On the Empire of Ants Supreme Rock Goddesses The Typewriter is Back — to Save Privacy Related articles Deep Fried on a Stick The Deep-Fried Lasagna Bun Burger Russia buys typewriters ‘over leaks’ Do You Want Fried Chicken Or Pizza? […]

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What if Batman the Cat Met Harvey Dent the Cat?

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To wit. Related articles Purring cats offered for rent in Siberia Police Break Up Cat Party Torre Argentina – Roman Cat Sanctuary A Genuine Cat Burglar Can You Judge A Cat By Its Color?

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This Robert!

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Via Sean Tejaratchi’s Twitter account…   Related articles Russ Roberts: Why Keynesians Always Get it Wrong (and Most Economists Too) Robert the Doll Alabama Man Kills Himself in Drug Raid Metal Menagerie: Beasts, Fish and Birds by Steel Pond Studios John Roberts vs. Antonin Scalia

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