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November 12, 2014 by MC | No Comments | Filed in Stuff

2015 Social Justice Kittens Calendar by Sean Tejaratchi (h/t @Heminator) UPDATE: My mom did me a solid and purchased this item for me.

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GREAT Holiday Gift Ideas

December 11, 2013 by MC | No Comments | Filed in Stuff

Hey gang, if you’re doing some holiday shopping, a terrific source for Hillary Clinton-related apparel and trinkets is the online store at the Ready for Hillary PAC site. Check it out, gang. Some great items are available to support a great potential candidate in 2016! Help the cause, and help the women of America. #Hillary2016 Related articles Manly […]

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Never, Ever Spend Your Money in Downtown Portland

January 8, 2013 by MC | 1 Comment | Filed in Stuff

If you are a motorist and have the audacity to drive to downtown Portland to buy Christmas gifts or take a loved one to dinner, you will be penalized. Penalized for stimulating commerce. The city’s leadership has made that loud and clear. Exhibit A — Portland’s updated parking fine matrix. Note: Even if you pay […]

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