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April 15, 2014 by MC | No Comments | Filed in Stuff

Company Unveils Pot Vending Machine in Colorado Daniel Kalder reviews Retroworld and discusses why he hates Star Trek Ghandi‘s Letter to Hitler, 1939 How Medical Marijuana is Helping California Children With Epilepsy “The Vanishing Yokel,” by Jim Goad: “As Americans get more tightly packed into sprawling megalopolises, what coastal snobs dismiss as ‘flyover country’ is […]

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.@KyriaAbrahams Has Written the Best Takedown of Jezebel I’ve Ever Read

January 17, 2014 by MC | 1 Comment | Filed in Stuff

Jezebel. Jezebel is a shrill, horrible Web site written by coddled, spoiled, angry (mostly white) feminists who — not content with a country, the Emasculated States of America, that caters to their every crybaby whim under President Hopedick — sees fit to attack anyone with a penis. But don’t take it from me. Take it […]

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Midnight Blue

December 23, 2013 by MC | No Comments | Filed in Stuff

Al Goldstein passed away last week. Here is a fantastic interview he did with David Allan Coe many moons ago.   Also: check out Jim Goad‘s remembrance of Al over at Street Carnage. Related articles Al Goldstein, R.I.P. What You Need To Know About Tonight’s Obamacare Deadline Underground Porn King and Screw Magazine Publisher Al […]

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